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    1. Electric Heaters
      Convection heater
      Halogen heater
      Quartz heater
      Fan Heater
      PTC Ceramic Heater
      Electric Knife Sharpener
      Shaded Pole Motor
      Ningbo Echuang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
      Address: No.402 ,Guanfu Road ,Fuhai Town ,Cixi City,Ningbo ,Zhejiang,China
      Contact: Mr.Michael Chen
      Tel: 86-574-58585111
      Fax: 86-574-58585222
      Email: sales@nbechuang.com
      Website: http://www.hkzykj.com

      Item: DL25


      The maximum power:2000W                

      Fast heating within three seconds

      Double waterproof

      Bedroon and bathroom can be used

      Freestanding or wall mounted

      Safety tip-over switch is optional

      Overheat protection

      Scald proof shell protection

      With humidifying box prevent drying

      MODEL  G.W(kg) N.W(kg) MEAS(mm) PCS/20' PCS/40' PCS/40HQ
      DL25 4.5 3.7 910*125*525


      955 1140


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      Address: No.402 ,Guanfu Road ,Fuhai Town ,Cixi City,Ningbo ,Zhejiang,China Tel: 86-574-58585111 Fax: 86-574-58585222
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