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    1. Electric Heaters
      Convection heater
      Halogen heater
      Quartz heater
      Fan Heater
      PTC Ceramic Heater
      Electric Knife Sharpener
      Shaded Pole Motor
      Ningbo Echuang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
      Address: No.402 ,Guanfu Road ,Fuhai Town ,Cixi City,Ningbo ,Zhejiang,China
      Contact: Mr.Michael Chen
      Tel: 86-574-58585111
      Fax: 86-574-58585222
      Email: sales@nbechuang.com
      Website: http://www.hkzykj.com

      Item: DL20


      The maximum power:2000W                

      Tempered glass panel

      X-shaped aluminum heating element

      Remote control and 24 hours timer                               

      life up to ten years              

      Fast heating

      Waterproof,suitable for bathroom

      LCD display and touch screen

      Freestanding or wall mounted

      Can be with castors for easy movement

      Safety tip-over switch is optional

      MODEL  G.W(kg) N.W(kg) MEAS(mm) PCS/20' PCS/40' PCS/40HQ
      DL20 10.5 9.58 910*170*540


      680 814


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      Address: No.402 ,Guanfu Road ,Fuhai Town ,Cixi City,Ningbo ,Zhejiang,China Tel: 86-574-58585111 Fax: 86-574-58585222
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