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    1. Electric Heaters
      Convection heater
      Halogen heater
      Quartz heater
      Fan Heater
      PTC Ceramic Heater
      Electric Knife Sharpener
      Shaded Pole Motor
      Ningbo Echuang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
      Address: No.402 ,Guanfu Road ,Fuhai Town ,Cixi City,Ningbo ,Zhejiang,China
      Contact: Mr.Michael Chen
      Tel: 86-574-58585111
      Fax: 86-574-58585222
      Email: sales@nbechuang.com
      Website: http://www.hkzykj.com

      Item: PTC-916


      2 Power settings: 900W/1800W                     

      Ceramic heating element                

      Cool/warm/hot wind for selection                                                              

      With Safety Tip-over Switch

      With carry handle 

      Power indicator light

      With oscillation

      New ABS material

      style power(w) N.W.(kg) G.W(kg) PCS/CTN QTY/40HQ Color box(cm) Carton(cm)
      PTC-916 1800 1.8 2.0 6 7740 23*23*28 71.5*24.5*30
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      Address: No.402 ,Guanfu Road ,Fuhai Town ,Cixi City,Ningbo ,Zhejiang,China Tel: 86-574-58585111 Fax: 86-574-58585222
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